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Your Dental Sleep Medicine Journey Begins Today

Why are you considering adding Dental Sleep Medicine in your practice? Maybe you realize the vital role you can play in providing comprehensive care for your patients? Are you seeking a way to differentiate your practice and realize a heightened level of career satisfaction? Does additional production appeal to you? Do you want to be a hero in your community? If you answered “YES” to all of the above, then this journey is for you. But you can’t do it alone…

The Perils

You have the desire to help your patients, but the Dental Sleep Medicine road can be rife with peril. Where do patients come from? How can you get them properly diagnosed and ingratiate yourself with the medical community? Which devices do you use for which patients? What about side-effects? How do you document everything and how do you ensure that medical insurance appropriately reimburses you for this invaluable treatment? 

The Goal

The path to Dental Sleep Medicine Success is littered with the dreams of dentists that came before you and bailed after coming up against these obstacles. But you don’t have to do it alone… we are here to help you achieve your dental sleep medicine goals. 

We Are Your DSM Sherpa

Consider us your DSM Sherpa – we will guide you every step of the way. You aren’t just signing up for a software or training continuum, you are gaining a partner who will guide you on your journey to dental sleep medicine success!


With over 120 years of combined Dental Sleep Medicine experience, we have lived through the pain, learned from wide-ranging experiences, pioneered, and innovated to provide you with education, tools, and resources to achieve success!

We’ve created the DS3 Experience to help dentists like you with the 4 Steps of Education, Coaching, Software, and Support needed to efficiently implement the 4 Pillars of Dental Sleep Medicine Success; Screening, Testing, Treating, and Billing. 

Why Choose Us?

DS3 is the industry leader providing dentists with the tools, resources, & support needed to get started, grow, & succeed in dental sleep medicine. We’ve trained thousands of providers & developed systems so dental practices can avoid pitfalls & achieve their DSM goals.

How We Help

We provide step-by-step processes so you can successfully manage your sleep patients. Imagine using a screener to identify patients with OSA, ordering a home sleep test with the click of a button, and having medical billing simplified so you can start getting claims paid!

Our Support

As a DS3 Member, you will have our unparallelled Support every step of the way. Whether you encounter a difficult case, need additional training for new team members, or have billing concerns, our Team is dedicated to your success.


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